One of the best parts of having a website is the potential for a repository of work. Here are some of the products I’m most proud of over the years. For many of these, I didn’t design the final report, but I was at least partially responsible for the quantitative analysis and results that drive it. At a minimum, this list gives a solid snapshot at the breadth of programs I’ve worked on over the last 5 years.

Publications & Coverage

April 2018. Researcher says the University is not on track to meet its 2025 Climate Goals. Michigan Daily.

April 2018. Dow Impact Article Series: Get Free: Understanding the potential for Community Solar Power in Highland Park.

March 2018. What’s Next? Time for Michigan to Lead on Climate Change. Op-ed in the Michigan Daily.

November 2017. University students reflect on attending COP23 Conference.

September 2017. How Illinois is working toward a cleaner, more equitable energy future. Blog post on EDF’s Energy Exchange website.

Original Research

University of Michigan (2016 – 2018)

Assessing biomass-solar hybrid microgrids in the DRC through farmer survey and economic modeling. Talk given at 2018 annual meeting of Sustainable Energy Transition Initiative.

Winter 2018:

Islands of Light: Microgrids and Fracturing a Public Good. Symposium article published in 2018 version of University of Michigan’s Taubman School of Urban Planning Agora Urban Planning Journal.

Fueling a Transition: Evaluating the Feasibility for a Hybrid Renewable Microgrid in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo. Paper published in UMich Deep Blue database. Available upon request.

Techno-economic Modeling for Biomass-Integrated Microgrids: An Introduction. Presentation given at University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium

Fall 2017:

A personal guide to the principles of negotiation, prepared for Steve Yaffee & Julia Wondelleck’s incredible Negotiations & mediation course at SEAS.

Get Free: Understanding the Potential for Community Solar Power in Highland Park. Prepared for Soulardarity as a part of the Dow Sustainability Fellowship, alongside Cailin Buchanan, Benny Jeong, and Anna Lenhart.

Climate Leadership in Virginia: Memorandum to Governor-Elect Ralph Northam. Prepared with Jackson Voss for Dr. Rosina Bierbaum’s Climate Adaptation course.

Connecting Struggles: Coalitions for Environmental Justice and the Future Energy Jobs Act. Paper prepared for Dr. Tony Reames’ Energy Justice course.

Letter to U-M President Mark Schlissel on behalf of Michigan and the Climate Crisis and Climate Blue, October 6.

Next Steps Letter to U-M President Mark Schlissel on behalf of Michigan and the Climate Crisis and Climate Blue, November 2.

Summer 2017:

Policy to Action: Implementing the Future Energy Jobs Act. Presentation given at 2017 Environmental Defense Fund Energy Solutions Exchange.

Winter 2017:

Understanding the suitability of proposed parks in Chicago using the Green Infrastructure Spatial Planning (GISP) tool. Prepared for Urban Planning 506: Public Policy and Geographic Information Systems with Prathmesh Gupta and Liwan Zhang.

Fall 2016:

Greenhouse Gas Abatement Market Sizing and Electrification Study. Report prepared for a confidential electric utility as a consultant with the Energy Club at the Ross School of Business. (Available on request).

Closing the Adoption Gap: Affordable Solar Power and Energy Justice. Policy brief prepared for NRE 510: Theories of Social Change & the Environment

ICF International (2013-2016)

City of Cambridge, MA Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance (BEUDO): 2015 Building Energy & Water Use Report.

Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge: 2016 Better Buildings Progress Update.

Department of Energy and HUD Better Buildings Challenge Multifamily: Multifamily Data Miniseries.

EPA ENERGY STAR 2015 Snapshot.

EPA ENERGY STAR 2016 DataTrends.

EPA ENERGY STAR Multifamily Technical Reference.

Obama White House: 2015 Remarks on the Better Buildings Challenge.